1.Shell Tiles

A.Seamed or seamless shell tiles with nylon mesh backing
Material used:professional netural mosaic adhesive(or a combination of one white cement and three white latex,or ceramic adhesive,or marble adhesive),putty powder
Never use white cement+black cement,because black cement is alkaline might damage the shell tile.Then install it like normall mosaic tiles,don't use white cement for grout,use putty powder instead.

B.Shell tiles with ceramic tile backing can be installed like ordinary ceramic tiles
normally we suggest AB glue,or all-purpose adhesive.

The main chemical composition of mother of pearls is calcium carbonate,similar to natural marble.so keep it away from strong acid or strong alkali.Daily cleaning product like detergent with weak acid or weak alkali won't corrode the surface though. Exposure to the weather outdoors should be avoided as the mosaic chips might peel and the luster might fade. As it's not a hard material,it's not recommended to use it as floor tiles in case of scratch in the surface. There is no special maintenance needed,wipe it with clean soft wet cloth if there is any dirt,never use abrasive product to clean the surface like wire brush,sandpaper.

2.Glass Mosaic Murals

The hand cut glass mosaic murals are nearly seamless,it might look better after installation without grout.However,you can choose to install it with grout,normally we suggest neutral transparent grout. the key benefits of grout installation are

  • the chips are more stable on the wall and won't easily peel
  • the gaps between chips are grouted so that it's easier to clean
  • the sharp edges of mosaic chips won't hurt people especially children

There is only one shortcoming that is the overall color may look lighter,sense of hierarchicy might be weaker.